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…get a haircut!

This past week I went to Rome for two days to accomplish the 3 C’s: Caravaggio, carbonara, and a cut. After traveling for 7 weeks I knew I would be ready for a trim and I had had a hair cut two years previously in Rome and thought it was a fun way to treat myself. I had been reassured by a fellow traveling artist at the time that the Jean Louis David salon was a great choice for cut and color. She was right. They take walk-ins only and the stylists are top-notch. Knowing that I would be there again, I added a haircut to the itinerary.

On the first day, after arriving by train from Orvieto, I made the hike up the Via Corso to Piazza de Popolo to the small church, Santa Maria del Popolo, on the northeast corner that houses two amazing Caravaggios – The Conversion of Saul and the Crucifixion of St. Peter. These paintings embody the beautiful chiaroscuro that Caravaggio is known for, an Italian Dutch master in a way. I have a personal admiration for his achieving an emotional connection in the expressions of the bodies, the dramatic compositions and particularly fond of the horse so profoundly present in
The Conversion of Saul.

On the return walk back to my hotel, I paid a visit to Trevi Fountain, making my requisite wish to return to Rome one day. I found a lovely cafe further toward my neighborhood that the maitre’d insisted had the best spaghetti carbonara in Roma. Giddy up! It was pretty darn amazing! Along with a nice house red wine and salate misti, I was in pancetta heaven.

The next morning, I made my way to Via Quattro Fontaines to the Jean Louis David salon. The receptionist sat me down for our consultation, introduced me to Fabriana, my stylists and we began an interchange in Italian (mine very broken) and English (theirs better than my Italian) and we forged a plan for a new ‘do. After two color sessions, one base coat, one highlights, washing, rinsing, and repeating, trim, dry and styling, I walked out of the salon ecstatic with the fresh look. She didn’t do anything dramatic, but just the gift to myself of this indulgence was easily worth the 150 Euros to feel like a new me.

There are many Jean Louis David salons throughout Europe, in most major cities. You can check it out and find one if you ever want to treat yourself, too.
Jean Louis David Salons

For a good carbonara recipe, I suggest the one I use from the best of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. Spaghetti Carbonara

When in Rome, I highly recommend a Caravaggio day, walking through Rome to all the sites where his amazing work resides. Best place to start if you don’t have a lot of time? The Galleria Borghese. Best to reserve tickets in advance, it is one of the most stunning art and sculpture collections in Rome, if not Italy. Galleria Borghese

There’s so much to see and do in Rome, it’s impossible to absorb the immensity of the history, art and food, let alone just the frenetic and palpable energy that permeates. So at the end of the day, find a rooftop terrace, I recommend the one at the Pace Helvezia Hotel, pack a picnic and just enjoy the sunset view of this amazing city.




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