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My love of art can only be rivaled by my love of travel. I honestly believe the two feed each other, inspire each other and I cannot be a happy, healthy me, an authentic artist, without my adventurous spirit and need for exploration. My home studio is my haven, a refuge but sometimes constricting to my creative energy. I can feel the presence of four walls very quickly which makes me yearn for a change of scenery. I am used to time in nature, ever since I was a kid living on a farm, surrounded by animals, gardens, hay and corn fields, and the imagination that rural living provides. I am spoiled by having parents that wanted me and my siblings to appreciate languages, culture, natural resources and personal growth that comes from travel.

As I stand at the halfway point of 2013, I realize the two best trips of the year so far have been island escapes, one to Anguilla and most recently to Bald Head Island. The two are equally unique. While I often get wrapped up in thinking I have to fly somewhere to feel like I am on vacation or for it to be a true getaway…the truth is I have an amazing island escape right here in my back yard.

Anguilla is a Caribbean paradise, but difficult to get to. It’s a minimum of two flights to St. Martin, the main hub for the various islands of the Lesser Antilles, and then a thirty minute boat taxi to the island. Depending on arrival time, I had to spend a night in St. Martin, a delay of gratification, for sure. The pace and tourist noise of the gateway is a stark contrast to the peace and calm of Anguilla. It was a vacation of pampering and relaxation for sure. Art was not far from my mind as I recognized a great opportunity to amass photo references and soak up the flavors of the local color. I could not get enough of the aqua blue water and white sand beaches. Timing was perfect for traveling at the end of February, the winter doldrums and dreary rain of southeast North Carolina was weighing heavy on me. I highly recommend it as an island escape.


Viceroy Resort Anguilla

Bald Head Island, on the other hand, is a barrier island just off the Cape Fear Coast that boasts an historic lighthouse, sprawling marshland, miles of beach, and the wonderful lack of motor vehicles. There is a great little art gallery, All About Art, owned by two full-time residents that boasts an array of classes for locals and visitors along with a bounty of rich work by regional artists. I feel fortunate to now be represented there.



Bald Head Island

All About Art Gallery

With the invitation to be an exhibiting artist, I was faced with the logistics last week of delivering over 25 pieces ranging in size from 4 x 6″ to 12 x 48.” Since there is no bridge to the island or cars allowed, the only way to arrive is via a twenty-minute ferry ride. My years of world travel came in handy as I packed two large tote bags, a backpack and wrapped four large canvases in bubble wrap for the journey. One must learn to be their own art Sherpa in times like these!

I’m sure I was quite a site as I boarded the ferry but not surprising, people are intrigued and engaging when they see you are an artist. After dropping off the art and taking care of business details, I enjoyed an afternoon escape of lunch at Mojo’s and great conversation with the owner, Andrea. It was immediately apparent to me that while I was an hour from my home, I felt like I was worlds away. I think there’s something to be said for having to alter the routine, taking into consideration the limited accessibility of visiting an island, that makes it so appealing. It took planning, which created a feeling of anticipation.


The best part of all was the renewed energy to get back into the studio and think about the next series of paintings waiting to come from the island escapes, and off the easel.

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