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Wilmington Art Association Spring Show Registration

Calling all artists!! Registration for the Wilmington Art Association Annual Juried Spring Show held during the Azalea Festival is now available. Check out the prospectus at the association website for submission requirements and show schedule. 

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At what point in January is it appropriate to stop saying “Happy New Year?” How long does the average resolution last? I ask these questions as I ponder my own failings and shame each year with the realization that I way over-indulge in thinking I can alter years of habits and goal-setting with self-imposed cognitive behavioral therapy. I think we artists are particularly prone to this “failure” because we are so attracted to new projects. Of course we want to paint more, eat less, save more, spend less, be a nicer person, stand up for our beliefs more….the list goes on and on.

One of my biggest frustrations and failings of 2012 is my starting a blog and then neglecting it when other distractions proved worthy of my time more. You can imagine my shock when I logged in today to write my first post of 2013 to see that it’s been since October that I last signed in. Once again I created a project for myself, a forum in which to share and promote all kinds of art-related information and insights, that I haven’t fully taken advantage of.

When it came to setting resolutions two weeks ago, I decided to approach things differently. I still had the requisite mental list of tasks that I hoped to improve on – simplify, get more organized, use technology in a more efficient way, and go to the gym more. But a friend asked his Facebook friends to post what would represent their resolutions in one word. For me, it was Presence.

Practice Presence. When I worry about whether I’ll get to the gym that week, or making a new list of  to-do’s, I go straight into ego thinking and avoid being present to the moment, my space and the people around me. It’s self-indulgent and may explain why we are so bad at maintaining the intent. But if my intention is to be present, I am here, listening, being. I am my true Self.

For me, it’s believing that every day is New Years. It is an opportunity to better myself, every day. I don’t need to make a list, I don’t need to think about it, and amazingly, I get a lot more done.

For those out there in the blogosphere who would like some assistance or reminders of resolutions, I discovered a wonderful New Year’s Resolution Generator. Try it…

New Year’s Resolution Generator

And in the meantime, on this Monday, January 14th of 2013, I wish everyone a very creative, happy and healthy New Year!!!



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